Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spring is here! Frog Spawn, Tadpoles, Froggies and Toads

It's that time of year again to go out looking for frog spawn. It's March and so I decided to head to my favourite spot in Whinlatter Forest to see if there was any spawn in the pools where I find it every year.....and yes there was some! I think frogs are brill and if you have a chance get out and have a look for some spawn and its a great thing for kids to watch tadpoles grow, develop and metamorphose....

Frog Spawn - Whinlatter Forest
Close up of frog spawn
Frog spawn - Whinlatter Forest
Over the past few years I have kept an eye on the spawn and tadpoles to see the changes as they develop but I haven't managed to see any froglets in that particular spot. So I am hoping this year if I visit more regularly that I might get to see them this year.

Young tadpoles not yet fully formed
Tadpoles - Whinlatter Forest
Tadpoles and Pond Snail - Clint's Quarry
And the tadpoles got bigger and bigger and fortunately the ponds did not dry up. I also haven't got any photos of tadpoles starting to grow legs - so I will have to look out for that this year.
Large tadpoles - Whinlatter Forest
Large Tadpoles - Whinlatter Forest
I have however been lucky enough to see froglets elsewhere. I have seen froglets in the grounds at work - lots of little tiny ones hopping about all over the place and then also these two little ones - one out at Cumbria Wildlife Trusts Reserve at Bowness-on-Solway and also down in Ennerdale Forest - a local and favourite place to visit.

Froglet - Bowness on Solway
Froglet - Ennerdale Forest
Then I have also seen a variety of frogs and toads of which I have put some pictures below for interest, in Scotland, France and even Costa Rica! I have also seen toads in the grounds a t work and I had a great encounter with one on the grass and he was quite happy to pose for the camera. I was also lucky enough to see a toad on the same day I saw the frog spawn - a true sign spring is on the way!!

Common Frog - Scotland
Common Toad - Grounds at work

Mr Toad showing me how big and strong he is!
I do quite like frogs and in Costa Rica I visited a frog 'farm' where they had a variety of colourful species to see. You wandered around in the dark with a guide and they would shine the torch on the frog for you to see - it was a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Costa Rican frog - cool dude!
French Frog!

And to finish off here is the toad I spotted a couple of nights ago. I have yet to find some toad spawn so I will keep looking and hopefully add it to my blog. I am also going to keep watching the frog spawn and keep up some posts of it developing this year. 

Mr Toad out at night
Common Toad

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