Monday, 9 November 2015

Sunrise, sunsets, clouds, rainbows and light in the Lake District

Golden sunsets
Well the Autumn storms are finally here and the high pressure has been replaced by low. The wind is howling and the autumn leaves are falling from the trees and swirling around all over the roads. Before the storm arrived when the weather was stable and dominated by high pressure, I managed to enjoy some stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Still mornings
Blue skies
The weather became more unsettled as the week went on, however my friend Clare and I studied the weather forecast and saw that there may be a slight weather window around 10am. It was a plod up Steel Fell in the rain but the autumn colours were still bright enough to see through the rain.As the rain cleared we were treated to an amazing cloud show, looking back down Thirlmere. There was also a faint rainbow and set against the backdrop of the brown and purple bracken it was pretty stunning. I didn't take my decent camera as having lived in the Lakes since I was born...I didn't believe the forecast!
Rolling clouds

Atmospheric clouds
Pretty rainbows
And as we round turned to look towards Helm Crag and beyond the light was also pretty stunning as the sun tried to break through the cloud.

 We wandered down the Wythburn valley and got a total soaking in the pouring rain but it didn't matter - we had seen some amazing light and the water levels were high making the rivers and beck a stunning sight as the water cascaded down the mountain sides.

Autumn colours
When I arrived home that evening I was just sitting down to have a look at my photos and glanced outside and there was just the most amazing golden I abandoned my cup of tea and I was off outside again with my camera to enjoy the wonders of the last moments of sunlight.

Stunning sunset

Golden skies looking towards the Solway
And then if you turned slightly away from the west the sky had a more pink tinge to it

Pink sunset
What a truly amazing planet we live on and it doesn't have to be sunny to enjoy it. If we didn't have the differences in air pressures that produces our weather systems it probably wouldn't be quite as beautiful! And it just goes to show it can be worth it sometimes (not always!) to just get out there are see what the weather treats you too!

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